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In this article we will examine the work of Franz Mesmer. A German physician, living in France, Mesmer caused quite a sensation in the 18th century, with his theories about "Animal Magnetism". So much so that the English word "mesmerize" is actually derived from his name. The French were rocked by his theory and even King Louis XVI ordered an investigation after claims he cured a woman of blindness. The theory of animal magnetism goes something like this "that there exists a natural energetic transference all animated and inanimate objects". He demonstrated that this energy could be manipulated. spiritualism, New Thought, "magnetic healing", and parapsychological research. We can use Mesmer's work help understand our how to use our psychic powers. Think about it if a transference of energy from an animated object, You, can be passed on to an inanimate one, say a coin or a spoon, then isn't that Telekinesis? That is how you move objects with your mind. You focus on the energy flow in your body and build it up until you eventually release it at a target. Franz Mesmer doing some 'Mesmerizing'. What do I think of while trying to move objects with my mind? I sense you are asking. Well its interesting at this should bring us straight back to Mesmer and "mesmerism". You see Mesmer also discovered an unknown state of consciousness, that he called "magnetic sleep". A semiconscious state, between sleeping and waking, a detachment from your physical surroundings, similar to those recorded in meditation. Many famous psychics from history are known to induce trance like states such as Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus to name but two. The key to accessing your psychic powers is in entering this semiconscious state. Far off monks up in the Himalayas have been doing it for centuries! Just ten minutes a day doing this will help you clear your mind. Even if you don't want to develop psychic powers you should still take this time out in your life. Detach yourself from your...