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or Drum Beat Maker Review...The features of Dr Drum Beat Maker Dr Drum Software is equipped with incredible feature that makes your beat sounds more like a professional. Simply download the software, install and make the beat! dr drum beat maker review - Let us check out its feature here:16 Track SequencersThis beat maker software comes with 16 track sequencer that let you compose and edit your own beat easier and faster. You can copy a bar or more with 2 clicks, edit their volume, add tones, pan, mutes tracks and play solo. 12 Pad Drum MachineIt contains 12 pads per drum kits with massive selection of kits that you can choose to make your hottest beat. You can even change kits with single click if it required.If you have your own sounds and beats samples, you can also import them easily by dragging and dropping them into this software. When youre done, you can mix the volume on each channel and move sound all easily by just couple of clicks. 4 Octave KeyboardDr Drum comes with 4-octave keyboard so you can add your own sound like Piano, String, FX, Guitar and more. If you want to switch the instrument type, simply click it and youre on. It only makes your beat even more amazing. If you have your own samples, you can use them too.If most software need MIDI cable that costs you about $50, Dr Drum will make it simple and cheaper, because it has 4-octave keyboards that you can directly use with no charges. You can alter the frequency, Resonance, LFO R and LFO A to make DubStep sounds in seconds.44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wavThis software makes your beat file format exported in 44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav formats. Its not only cleaner and sound better, but also support formats in radio stations and clubs, while most music software are stuck with mp3 formats.Click on the link below to visit their official site....dr drum beat makerdr drum beat maker free downloaddr drum beat maker software free downloaddr drum beat maker onlinedr drum beatmaking so