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Several major environmental groups, including Greenpeace and WWF, have walked out of UN climate talks in Warsaw. They say there is too little progress on a deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Colin Rees, a delegate from Sustain US, said they now want to raise awareness of how serious it is if no treaty is agreed: “Our next step is to make this message known, to go home, talk to the media, to talk to our constituents, talk to people on the ground, we need to build a movement to make people realize how important these talks are and that this is notokay,” Rees said. It was the first time green groups had ever staged a coordinated walk-out like this at the UN. The talks end on Friday, November 22 with no agreement in sight. Representatives from 195 countries have spent the last fortnight trying to reach a treaty which would be signed in 2015 and would enter into force in 2020. However they have been unable to agree on how much to cut pollution and whether rich nations should pay poorer countries hit by climate change. There has also been anger at Poland’s decision to host a coal industry summit at the same time as the climate talks.