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In Scotland, there are 2 Types of Celts Who are At Each-Other's Throats .... Under The Auspice of "Truth & Reconciliation" It's Important to 1st Highlight the grave short-comings, borne of severe Mental-Handicap, which cause 1 Side to perpetrate the Vast Majority of crimes against the Other .... Which, due to Their limited Mental-Condition, leads Them to imbecilically attempt to "blame" Their vicTims, as ALL criminals Do, because They don't Develop Emotionally beyond 5, so-by ALL Psychopaths & Malignant-Sociopaths, Who have No Moral-Conscience, so "Ingrain" Their "primitive" Amygdala's prompts into Their Pathology, "forever" deluding Themselves in a madness of denial, ripe for exploitation by Higher-functioning Lunatics .... The price of that is murder on Both Sides .... In This Video I Recommend the worst of the Offenders Accept "Blame" Afterwhich A Great Weight Will Be Lifted, so They Can "Make" Friends instead of enemies & As I Ask Of You Too, Help Me SAVE The World Ya Bastard !!!!