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Your Family has been divided & conquered, by Malignant-Narcissistic-Psychopaths, from Caesar to Hitler .... ie High-functioning-retards "Hiding in plain view" .... A.K.A. "ruthless" thieving little cowards, Who can't believe They're getting away with it .... Since They're severely Mentally Handicapped & "rule by fear," since They have No Moral-Conscience .... The Time is Long-overdue for Our Species to EVOLVE Beyond Being oppressed & abused by Clone-like fascist dictators Who are Hell-bent on Destruction, because They're "addicted" to sadistic-cruelty which is the Only thing which Their brains are wired to derive Pleasure from .... ie They're GARBAGE, "deliberately choosing" to destroy Countless Lives in "pursuit" of Their next "hit," like Any junkie, only Their drug is YOU & Your CHILDREN'S Lives !!!! .... Now Is The Time to Join Me & Help "SAVE The World Ya Bastard !!!!" .... Provide "CONSEQUENCE" for the sadistic actions of Those TRANSPARENT, relentless "bullshitting" arseholes ....