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This is a very deep, intimate, and most personal project of mine. In some ways, you could say it's my life's work. Over twelve years in the making. "Tiger" is a story of boxer Gary "Tiger" Balletto, whose rise as a world champion boxer tried to unionize the sport of boxing. Along with his recent unfortunate accident that has left him unable to walk and his road back through recovery. Above all, "Tiger" is a true love story between Gary and his wife Christina and their bond to over come all. On a technical end, my approach was to film Gary and Christina's story in a passive, cinematic way, and allow what I capture to tell the story in and of itself. There will be no traditional/generic approach to this documentary of splicing in interviews, and forcing the story when it is finalized. It will just "Be". I want this to feel bigger than a traditional documentary. I want it to feel Epic. In many ways, its my life's work since I graduated college. Its a film that has been my Life Lesson. My Fight as well. Its a project that has pushed me and proved the point to never give up on seeing a project to the end. The style expresses my love for cinema and a way for me to filter the sometimes harsh reality I have had to capture. For over a decade, it's been me, my camera, and an amazing story. Please share this with everyone. Still much work to be done with documenting the progress of this story. But I promise, this will be a story that moves the world. Shot & Cut by: Eric Latek Original Score by: Mauro Colangelo