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Comet ISON will reach Perihelion in about 18 days. Will Comet ISON last that long? This is your Comet watch for 11/10/13 on the Progress of Comet ISON. Comet ISON Current Speed: 104,511,13 mph The Distance ISON is from the Sun: 70,702,218 miles The Distance ISON is from the Earth: 92,799,192 Constellation: Virgo Estimated Visual Magnitude: 7.04 This Data is up to date for 11/10/13 There is no new Chart Data today but we will recap the compiled data we have. signs in the Data are still showing Mass Water and Dust Decay along with the Secular light curve is now Flat. Even Visual observation of the comet reveal Once again a Clearly Flat Curve. "The Minor Planet Center Have Attached measurements. The Daily Magnitude Averages Again Show a clear tendency to become Flat." "Spanish observers Data shows that the Brightness is Leveling off although the Curve is not Yet Flat." "French observers Data Shows The Brightness continues to increase as a function of time." Don't Forget to Subscribe on Space Centrals YouTube Channel To catch Comet ISON when it reaches Perihelion! Thanks for watching Space Central!