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Music song Seven Seas from ❀ Come and get your free relaxing music at ❀ Kostenlos musik downloaden ❀ 音楽 ダウンロード ❀ Télécharger musique gratuite: ❀ Musica gratis There's a place where lovers meet, a space where lovers create a tapestry spun from a common thread. At times the thread wants to unravel.... Music song Seven Seas from ♥ Amazing paintings by painter Manon Potvin from my home country: ☀Gratitude to the creative Soul behind this video production! SEVEN SEAS (Montanaro/Marcomé) From album Seven Seas Remastered 2006 In my mirrored memories of yesterday Feel our hearts are moving in separate ways Together we sailed the seven seas If you're listenin' what more can I say? Show me Just a sign or a smile Will you help me? Will we dance and romance? Will you hold me? In impassioned embrace Or just fade away? When I'm sitting near you you're far away Got a feelin' our love has gone astray Together we sailed the seven seas Will our feelings dwell on yesterdays? Take me For the ride of my life No returning. Intertwined lovingly Feel the yearning. Could we share? Should we dare? Do you really care? Won't you look inside me as I will you? All our deep desires can pull us through Together there's no fear we can't face Never doubting we can sail again Take me by the hand, let us dance Set our souls free In a trance of romance Just enfold me In the warmth of your arms Drifting slowly Sailing love's seven seas no returning Wantin' you, wantin' me Darlin' fill me. Voices and keyboards by Marcomé Percussions by Michel Dupire: clay drum, snare brushes, ocean drum, shakers. Acoustic bass by Marc Langis Classic guitar by Bob Cohen