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What is a classic film noir detective like Humphrey Bogart if not a Grade A grump? That’s the type of role that Harrison Ford was born to play, but unfortunately the genre was dead by the time he was a star. Thankfully director Ridley Scott had a strange sci-fi film noir -- based on a Philip K. Dick story -- called Blade Runner lined up for production. It allowed Ford to play a classic detective in a sci-fi action setting, and the film is, of course, a masterpiece. But the production was a notorious struggle between a director who cared more about visual design than working with actors and a star who didn’t appreciate that approach. Fortunately, Ford was able to channel all of his frustrations into his character and delivered one of the grumpiest detectives in the history of Hollywood. No one could have done it better -- and with a decades-delayed sequel constantly in the rumor mill, he might even get to do it again.