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The central Philippines more closely resembed a war zone after a powerful earthquake struck the islands of Cebu and Bohol. Buildings have been toppled, roads are potholed and bridges have collapsed.... The 7.2 magnitude quake has caused landslides and widespread damage to infrastructure, made worse by more than 800 aftershocks. The death toll is nearing 100 and the number is only expected to rise. Shops have run out of food and water as the roads to many villages are still cut off. (SOUNDBITE) (Filipino) RESIDENT VIVIAN CRUDA SAYING: "It's very difficult because the market is very far and the roads are all cracked and damaged." Motorbikes lie idle and people queue for petrol, which is in short supply. (SOUNDBITE) (Filipino) TRICYCLE DRIVER BENIGNO VILLAFLOR SAYING: "It's very hard. We have no gasoline and the stores are also closed." This historic church has been reduced to rubble but still rescuers continue to dig in search o