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*ABOUT VIDEO* So, I have had this done for a few weeks now, but I just didn't feel I should release it yet. Sorry I have been gone for so long, I have had some computer problems and I was really busy. I know I am behind on a voice over role and I apologize to that director. Hope you like this and will hype you up for the series. The trailer doesn't tell you some key points, but you will see those in another trailer...or maybe a sneak peak. Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy(ed) it. *ABOUT SERIES* Dante is a normal teenage boy, more or less. He loves to play guitar, it's his one true passion. He is going into his first year in High School and is very nervous. Well on that day something horrible happens. The one true person that he cares about gets murdered...his mom. He looses passion in the things he loves to do. He can't feel anything anymore and depression sets in. His grades start slipping and his dad becomes strict, acting like everything is okay. Then one day, when Dante arrives to school something has changed. There is a new girl who moved into town. Nobody has talked to him since he lost his mom, but she doesn't know that and walks up to him to ask for help. A friendship starts and Dante begins to...feel again. *LINKS* Song Available on iTunes! YouTube: