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The new Sonic Generations has a whole new lore, where Sonic, Robotnik, and Tails go back... to the future. I mean, the past. From the future. Just watch the lore. Have Fun!Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! Lore here and Voiced by ChrisCrossMedia Writer Dodger: by Schroeder: by D.J. "Metaly" Ross more TGS? Find us here:Facebook - - - http://thegamestation.tumblr.comGoogle+ - - Sonic Generations Lore in a Minute!So once upon a time, the evil Dr. Eggman is seen floating in space after his most recent defeat on Planet Wisp when lo-and-behold he comes across a black magical substance that's known as the Phantom Blot, the villain from Disney Epic I mean Time Eater?..well anywayThe evil Dr. concocts a master plan to use this "Time Eater" to go through time and dimension to erase all of his past failures. In order to complete this task, he needs the assistance of someone who is as brilliant and handsome as he is...HIMSELF! Eggman travels to the past and meets up with Robotnik, erasing worlds, times,and dimensions along the way.In present day, Sonic's friends are throwing Sonic a surprise 20th Birthday Party! Unfortunately, all of Sonic's friends are sucked up into various dimensions and are now trapped and frozen in time. After blacking out, Modern Sonic awakens in a desert of white abyss. By running through the familiar Green Hill Zone, he saves his buddy Tails where they both discover familiar worlds from their past. While tracking down who is behind all of this madness, Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic's worlds collide when they ChrisCross paths for the...