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Subscribe for a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! dives into the super cute LORE of Pikmin! Have Fun!Follow us on Twitter @PolaristweetsMore Lore here story begins with Captain Olimar, a 2 centimeter-tall pilot of the S.S. Dolphin, who decides maybe he needs a break from his work at the Hocotate Freight company. After a delicious carrot soup dinner prepared by his wife, Captain Olimar takes off into the stars with his trusty ship. But while on his interstellar vacation, the S.S. Dolphin smashes into a meteor and crash-lands on an uncharted planet. With his ship shattered into 30 different pieces scattered across this strange world, he resolves to rebuild the S.S. Dolphin and return home, but not before realizing that the planet's atmosphere contains oxygen - an element poisonous to his species!Fortunately, Captain Olimar comes across a plant-animal life-form even tinier than him that resembled carrots. Captain Olimar named them Pikmin, after his favorite brand of carrots, Pikpik. These Pikmin came in a variety of colors, each possessing their own unique qualities. Olimar takes it upon himself to also name Pikmin nests after another vegetable, this time onions. The Onions produce new Pikmin seeds and protect other Pikmin by storing them inside and lifting off during the night away from hungry predators.And so, with his new multi-colored carrot friends and their strange onion spaceship, they race against the clock to recover 30 ship pieces in 30 days, after which Captain Olimar's life support system will fail, exposing him to the poisonous oxygen!Have fun!---Written by Phil by Dodger by Schroeder by D.J. "Metaly" Ross - PIKMIN Lore in a Minute!---Who is Polaris? more from Polaris...