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Huskystarcraft gives us the backstory of Starcraft right up to the events of the first game. Have Fun!Subscribe for New Lore every Wednesday! Lore here by Metaly by HuskyStarcraft by Dodger by Schroeder Are you JAMMIN' on TGS?http://www.thegamestation.tv TRANSCRIPT:LORE - Starcraft Lore in a Minute!Our story begins with some bored and awkward scientists known as the xel'naga. Arriving in the Milky Way Galaxy, the xel'naga started poking around with different species to create something with purity of form and purity of essence.First they found the protoss, a race of awesome looking psychics and started messing with their brains. Getting way excited about it, they went too far and caused the protoss to fall into madness.The xel'naga abandoned the protoss, really not wanting to deal with the cleanup and found the zerg instead, a race of odd worm-like creatures with the ability to absorb the genetics of their victims. Going for a different approach, the xel'naga created an Overmind to keep their brains from hotwiring. Unfortunately, the Overmind was far too jawesome and sent troops to destroy the xel'naga and take their knowledge.Meanwhile, the brotoss, abandoned by their supposed gods, healed their brainplaces and expanded their occupied space into the inevitable complicated game of Twister that was sure to happen. Happily watching over the Terrans from afar, they finally focused on the Zerg in a "oh we should get rid of these" sort of fashion. The zerg, having noticed the Protoss way before and wanting to assimilate them, were busy om nom nomming on the Terran planets, hoping to assimilate the Terrans and utilize their buried psionic potential...