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Totalbiscuit breaks down Fable in a minute (ish). Have Fun!Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! Lore here on Facebook:Written by Intern Phil: by Totalbiscuit: by Schroeder: by D.J. "Metaly" Ross more TGS? Find us here:Facebook - - Tumblr - http://thegamestation.tumblr.comGoogle+ - - Fable Lore in a Minute!Once upon a time, a government known as The Court was doing a terrible job ruling the land of Albion. When the citizens refused to bow to their wishes, The Court, comprised of The Knight, Jack, and Queen of Blades, punished their people by scorching the earth, raising the ocean and eventually driving whoever was left into madness.Luckily a blacksmith and his lady friend had a boy and named him William, possessing powers of the mind, which would come to be known as ~The Powers of Will~. Such a creative name. Or possibly a pun? Anyway, William was transported into the Void where he defeated Jack and stole from him the magical Sword of Aeons. The sword spoke to Willy, promising to help him defeat the Court in exchange for his soul. William agreed. With the Court now defeated, William became the newly crowned king and Archon, unifying Albion at last. Albion prospered under a thousand years of peace BUT William's children grew restless with the Power of Will granted to them by their bloodline and turned to terrorizing the land. Willy, weak from his battles with The Court, was unable to stop them and disappeared. Without their leader, Albion became corrupted.Fortunately, William was in hiding, taking up the identity of Scythe, a wise old man. With his assistance, a bandit named Nostro used...