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In celebration for its 7th Anniversary, Dodger tells the tale of the Guild Wars! Have Fun!Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! us on Twitter! More Lore here by Phil by Dodger by Schroeder by D.J. "Metaly" Ross - Guild Wars Lore in a Minute!3000 years ago, a race of serpents were summoned by the Gods to be the world's custodians -- they nurtured the growth and survival of other creatures while the Gods continued to build the world around them. The serpent protectors ushered in an era of balance and harmony until a race of new creatures were born: the humans. Humans, though young, craved power and control, spreading to other lands and lording over weaker beings. The serpents retreated to the Crystal Desert for some well deserved R&R after realizing the humans had undone all of their hard work. Despite this, the Gods continued to construct the world and decided the best way to fix their problem was to make the creatures of Tyria more powerful with magical abilities. It was meant to make the task of survival easier but instead, races warred against each other for dominance...which none of us saw coming.The humans suffered almost to the point of extinction but King Doric, the leader of the human tribes, traveled to the City of Gods and begged them to bring peace to Tyria. The Gods agreed and seized back the gift of magic and sealed it inside of a stone. They smashed it into five parts, sealed the stones with King Doric's blood, and dropped the five bloodstones into Abaddon's Mouth, a volcano. Peace prospered and guilds began to form in various human kingdoms, but Abaddon's Mouth would soon erupt and spit the five bloodstones across Tyria, igniting yet another throwdown...