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Dodger takes you through the Lore of Dead Space! Have Fun!Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! us on Twitter! Lore here by PhilHead Writer Dodger: & Edited by Schroeder: by D.J. "Metaly" Ross - Dead Space Lore in a Minute!In the year 2214, a government-contracted team of researchers led by Michael Altman discovers an alien artifact in Mexico known as the Black Marker. Little did they know, the Marker contained terrifying abilities and the crew found themselves driven into madness, believing the Marker to be a deity. Altman, who is mysteriously immune to the marker's effects, replicates the genetic code of the marker to calm and eventually destroy it.Altman is then found and murdered by two Marker-influenced government agents, utilizing genetic data lifted from his body to reconstruct the Black Marker. His death is seen as martyrdom and the government sees their opportunity to create the Church of Unitology, whose belief is that the human race was created by aliens.Fast forwarding to 2507, mankind, having teetered on the brink extinction due to the exhaustion of Earth's natural resources, turns towards the stars to survive. The Concordance Extraction Corporation invents the Planetcracker, a ship that literally 'cracks' planets to reveal and extract its precious insides for humans to consume. The first planetcracker developed is the USG Ishimura and becomes an icon of survival and triumph for all mankind. During its 35th planetcrack on Aegis VII, the USG Ishimura sends out a distress signal and the CEC dispatches you, engineer Isaac Clarke, and the rest of the USG Kellion to investigate and so begins the events of Dead Space.Have fun.Want more TGS? Find us here:Facebook -