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Not a whole lot of lore in Pokemon, but the guys at Underbelly give us the rundown on Pokemon First Gen.Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! us on Twitter! Lore here by Frank from Underbelly by Justin from Underbelly by Jared by Schroeder by D.J. "Metaly" Ross - Pokemon Lore in a Minute!Welcome to Kanto, a magical land where the tall grass is filled with things called Pokemon. Pokemon are animals that want to be your best friend, but instead you smush them into tiny balls and only bring them out to fight each other.You grew up in Pallet Town, living at home with your mother, who apparently shares a bed with you cause there's only one bed in the house. Next door to you is the super smart Professor Oak.He comes to you one day, and is like, "Hey kid I barely know, how would you like to have one of these super rare Pokemon?" And so you pick the Pokemon that will be your bestest friend in the whole wide world forever and ever until you get a Pikachu.Along comes your rival, who demands a Pokemon too. He's a total jerkface, so he picks the one that's super effective against your Pokemon. No worries though, because you get to pick his name. Who's laughing now, Asshat?With your Pokemon in tow you're off on a quest to conquer the eight gym leaders. You'll put a soul to rest, liberate a major city from Team Rocket, defeat the world's most skilled Pokemon masters, the Elite Four, crush your rival (who is now the league champion), hide atop a snowy, dangerous mountain waiting for challengers, and other things a 10 year old boy is clearly capable of doing. Oh, and capture all the Pokemon. All of them. Have fun!Want more TGS? Find us...