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Greg aka "The Mediocre-ist" from ThatOneVideoGamer gives us the run down on that alien tech in Borderlands Lore!Subscribe for a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! us on Twitter @PolarisTweets!More Lore here by Phil by Greg Wilmot aka "The Mediocre-ist" from ThatOneVideoGamer by Schroeder by D.J. "Metaly" Ross Atlas Corporation, an interplanetary megacorp, discovered ancient alien technology on the planet of Promethea. Reverse engineering the technology brought them to the forefront in weapons manufacturing, sparking a gold rush for alien tech buried beneath other planets. Hot on the heels of their discovery, Atlas colonized Pandora in hopes for their second big discovery. Colonists flocked to Pandora and whispers of The Vault, a cache of alien tech, began to spread like wildfire.A massive influx of Fortune Hunters settled on Pandora in search of The Vault. However, the colonists did not heed the planet's warning: Summer is coming!And with the first summer came the local fauna out of hibernation, overjoyed with the delicious meals roaming their territory. With increasing lawlessness, hostility, and most importantly, unprofitability, Atlas decided to withdraw from Pandora.However, that did not deter the Dahl Corporation from settling on Pandora. Under the guise of mining for minerals, Dahl sought out the location of The Vault by employing Patricia Tannis, a xeno-archaeologist. Soon thereafter a fragment of the Vault Key was discovered, much to the delight of Atlas and their military force, the Crimson Lance. In the face of an impending invasion and poor investments, the Dahl Corporation decides to take off, leaving thousands of employees behind, including Patricia Tannis and her unhealthy obsession with...