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Dodger explains the complex story of Magicka. Have Fun!Subscribe for New Lore every Wednesday! Lore here by D.J. "Metaly" Ross by Dodger by CodyEdited by Schroeder - Magicka Lore in a Minute!Once upon a time there was a young pink haired girl who was given the opportunity to become a magical grrr... wait... oh, dangit this is the wrong one...Once upon a time in a generic fantasy realm called Midgård, populated by humans who all speak something similar to the Swedish Chef, the capital city of Havindr is under siege! Four tiny wizards in multi-colored garb are informed of their destiny to save their world from an evil sorcerer and his various generic minions.Departing from their wizarding school to conquer evil, the group, also known as the Order of Magick, is assisted by the ever mysterious Vlad, who kind of looks like a vampire... but definitely is not a vampire... I mean we're pretty sure. The wizards engage in harmless experimentation, with their wizarding staffs to create more and more combinations of their powerful elemental abilities.Over the course of their whirlwind adventure, the wizards will successfully repel an invasion, kill giant monsters, and battle evil warlocks.Of course, saving the world gets boring so you'll likely just spend most of the time crossing sword and staff with your fellow wizards, each of whom can be burned, drowned, smashed, shattered, zapped, blasted, and, of course blown into meaty chunks for your own amusement.Have fun!