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WowCrendor tells us the story of God of War and how Kratos becomes a killing machine bound to the Blades of Chaos!!! Have Fun!Subscribe for a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! us on Twitter @PolarisTweets!More Lore here by Phil by WowCrendor by Schroeder by D.J. "Metaly" Ross - God of War Lore in a Minute!Two brothers, Kratos and Deimos, born and raised in Sparta were natural warriors. Deimos, the younger brother, bore an unusual red birthmark across his body. Whispers from an Oracle foretold the destruction of the Olympians at the hands of a Marked Warrior. Fearing that Deimos may be that warrior, the Gods devised a plan to disprove the prophecy.Ares and Athena descended into Sparta to kidnap Deimos. Kratos was struck down, leaving a permanent scar over his eye. Ares then imprisoned Deimos where he would remain in torment. To honor his brother, Kratos tattooed across his body the birthmark of Deimos.Years pass but despite Kratos' victories, he and his Spartans were no match for the bloodthirsty Barbarian tribes. Kratos desperately pledged allegiance to Ares in exchange for victory. His request was granted and Kratos was bound to the Blades of Chaos as a sign of his servitude.Kratos served Ares loyally, slaughtering scores of innocents and burning cities to the ground. Ares recognized Kratos could become death incarnate itself and hatched a plan that would rid Kratos of his mortal restraints. By order of Ares, Kratos destroyed an entire village and in his bloodthirsty rage, mistakenly slaughtered his wife and daughter. The village oracle cursed Kratos, condemning him to wear the ashes of his family forever, earning the name 'The Ghost of Sparta.'Have fun!---Who is Polaris? more from...