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The lovely Hannah from The Yogscast takes us through the re-re-booted story of Tomb Raider. Have Fun!Subscribe for a new Lore every week! Lore here by Hannah of The Yogscast by D.J. "Metaly" Ross by Schroeder WriterDodger by CodyTRANSCRIPT:LORE - Tomb Raider Lore in a Minute!Once upon a time their was a lady adventurer with a huge rack... of guns, who was hired to find a mysterious artifact called the Scion by a wealthy businesswoman.This lady of course, was Lara Croft who, after dealing with the aftermath of the businesswoman's inevitable betrayal, took it upon herself to find the two remaining pieces of the Scion in order to keep it out of her ex-employers sinisterly well-manicured hands.Lara would have many adventures like this over the years, from finding the legendary Dagger of Xian before an evil cult could exploit it's mystic potential, to breaking into Area 51, to re-sealing the Egyptian god Set in his prison sarcophagus, all with nothing to aid her but her wits, mastery of poor camera controls, and her pair of gigantic... pistols.However, in time this Lara ran it's course, and a new set of developers decided to reboot the franchise and focus more on her rear... ing, as the first game in the rebooted series focuses heavily on Lara's backstory and is actually a prequel to the rebooted version of the first game, which came out later.Anyway, after the sequel in which Lara went to Hell (literally and possibly figuratively, depending on your opinion of the game), the reins to Tomb Raider were handed off once more.In the new reboot of the rebooted franchise, Lara has only recently started out on her career as an adventurer. While onboard a ship sailing to an unknown foreign shore, the ship has an accident and sinks...