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Gears of War again, but BETTER! Have Fun!Subscribe for a new Lore every Wednesday! us on Twitter! Lore here by Gameboyardee & Edited by Schroeder by D.J. "Metaly" Ross - Gears of War Lore in a Minute REDUX!Welcome to the planet Sera, where everything's gone to shit and the men are muscle-bound like Belgian prize cattle. So here's the deal: fourteen years ago, the Locust decided to emerge from the ground in a day we call -- wait for it -- Emergence Day. They started fucking shit up, but keep in mind that this is actually their planet and the humans are the invaders which basically means, yep, WE'RE THE BAD GUYS. You are Marcus Fenix and you wear a do-rag. This is your buddy, Dom. Together, you are Delta Squad, a team of 400 pound men who are the only useful component in an entire army. In the first game, you have to take this thing called a resonator that - wait for it -- resonates, but then it doesn't really resonate, so you just have to kill everyone. You set off a lightmass bomb, kill a general named RAAM, blah blah blah, lo and behold, it turns out this didn't really do much at all, because come on, there are two more games left in this trilogy. So Gears 2 starts and everything has gone more to shit, and, to top it all off, it turns out the Locust are being run by a Queen who as far as we can tell is Dame Judi Dench. So there's that. For the sake of level design variety, but for no discernible tactical edge whatsoever, you drill down into the ground to fight the Locust on their own turf. You pew pew for a while and then hey, you're back on the surface. You fight some Locust in a crazy laboratory where it seems like there might be some story but the big twist -- wait for it -- is that there isn't! So you go back...