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Paris Hilton, purveyor of all things luxurious, loves her some Britney Spears. After Spears ended her 90-minute marriage to Kevin Federline (not to be confused with her 30-minute marriage to Jason Alexander), the Louisiana native got her kicks with no one's favorite party girl. Following their alleged break-up, Hilton made the brilliant PR move of only singing Spears' praises in public."I love Britney," Hilton said to MTV News recently, adding that Spears' new single, "Work Bitch" is "really cute." "I've loved her. I think she's so beautiful. I love her music and I'm so proud of her." Christine McVie joined forces with her old band mates of Fleetwood Mac for the concert of our Dreams in London! The band played "Don't Stop", and while there were no teddy bears, or foam finger bangin' like in a performance of We Can't Stop, we'd still twerk to this song written by the returned keyboardist! The highly anticipated Cory Monteith tribute episode of Glee is only 2 weeks away? The Quarterback, which is the official title of the tribute, isn't airing until October 10, but the episode synopsis was released online. The Westboro Baptist Church and Blake Shelton are in a nasty Twitter war after the controversial group announced plans to picket The Voice star's Kansas City concert .