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Local prosecutors said Shayanna Jenkins, the fiancee of ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez, accused of murdering semi-pro player Odin Lloyd, was indicted by a grand jury for perjury. Also indicted were Hernandez's friend Carlos Ortiz, on a charge of accessory to murder, and Hernandez's cousin Tanya Singleton on a charge of conspiracy to commit accessory after the fact Gun rights supporters filed a motion to block Maryland's new gun law, one of the toughest in the United States, from taking effect next week. Italy will put Amanda Knox back on trial for the murder of her British roommate in 2007, but the American will not return to attend court in the country that jailed her - she says wrongly - for four years. Dubbed "Foxy Knoxy" by a fascinated news media, Knox was found guilty in 2009 of killing 21-year-old Meredith Kercher in what was described as a drug-fuelled sexual assault.