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US Airways and American Airlines, whose proposed merger has been stalled by U.S. government opposition, urged a court to require the Justice Department to turn over documents relating to its approval of four previous airline mergers. Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy says an assault-style weapon with a high-capacity magazine was used in a late-night attack at a southwest Chicago park in which 13 people were wounded. McCarthy went on to say "weapons like the one used in the attack belong on a battlefield, not on American streets, and that laws are needed to restrict such weapons." The Russian Coast Guard is towing a Greenpeace ship, the "Arctic Sunrise," toward the nearest port of Murmansk, after armed officers stormed it following a protest against oil drilling in Arctic waters. A Russian Foreign Ministry statement said the Greenpeace activists' behavior around the oil platform had the outward signs of extremist activity, that could lead to deaths and other grave consequences. The U.S. Federal Reserve may continue with a cap on debit card swipe fees while it appeals a July ruling that rejected it, a federal judge ruled in an order made public this week.