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Horrible childhood makes Yogi to join the supplier job in the famous Naidu Hotel in the busy locality. He is known for honesty, strength and feels he belongs to Bruce Lee generation. He is a hardcore fan of Puneeth Rajakumar. He names the food items in the hotel with the film names of Puneeth Rajakumar. In one of the incidents Yogi is forced to use his muscle power that puts down the brother of feared don KK. Around this time a rival gang leader Babu comes there to take revenge on KK brother but he is satisfied with Yogi daring strength. Obviously Babu supports Yogi to save him from opponent gang. It is Paddu in the gang of Babu stands very supportive to Yogi because of his innocence. Forced to be a part of the underworld activity Yogi sees lot of danger in his life even when he meets his childhood girl friend Mala. Startled Yogi finds Mala is supportive of KK because in one of the encounters Yogi joined hands with Babu to kill Mala father. Whether Yogi gets Mala his lover, whether Paddu is happy in her life for being a part of underworld?