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There’s no denying that a new wave of Israeli electronics is rushing into international DJ crates, with Tel-Aviv’s RED AXES riding its cusp. Producers Dori Sadovnik and Nirv Arzi have already turned heads with their unique style, and now it’s up to CORRESPONDANT’s to host the duo’s psychedelically flavored house antics. Having performed together for over 6 years, Dori and Nirv amassed a considerable amount of experience handling distinctive sound aesthetics that range from post punk to underground electronics. After releasing a string of mutant house jams for well-established label outfits like I’m A Cliché or Clouded Vision, their latest masterpiece CAMINHO DE DREYFUS packs quite some heat, with a weatherbeaten bassline supporting a hand-picked cast of kinky cowbells, raspy guitar hooks and ABRAO’s eccentric vocals. Video directed by Amitay7 & Eran Hilleli Actors: Abrao Levin & Ariel Mortman Beatport: iTunes: Facebook Correspondant: Facebook Red Axes: