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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!Jim Carrey exits the sequel to dumb and dumber----details coming up!According to Entertainment Tonight Jim Carey has exited the sequel due to feeling like the Farrelly Brothers project lacked studio support----and we all know, if a studio iosnt behind a movie, chances are the proper moiney wont be spent on it----from the actual film budget to the marketing budget, which can essentially make or break a project.According to a source, Carey has been quote, "increasingly frustrated" feeling like there was a major lack of enthusiasm for the film from warner brothers and new line, the studio behind the flick."I would have thought Dumb and Dumber To was a no-brainer, after all it's implied in the title," Carrey said in a statement.Now we are wondering if the sequel will be made at all----lets be honest, carey made dumb and dumber what it was. For all you Jim Carrey fans out there, no need to get too upset, you can check the funny man out in The Incredible Burt Wonderston where he will star oppose steve carell-this film will hit theatres sometime next year.So now that carey is out, would you guys see the film with someone else in his place? Let us know by commenting below and be sure to stay tuned to clevver movies for more movie news!