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Thief Falls Asleep in Home He Was Robbing - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.There's no shortage of dumb criminals in the world but this one in particular would rank somewhere near the top.Russian police had an easy job when they arrested a not-so-savvy thief who fell asleep in the same apartment he was trying to rob. He reportedly broke into a home near Moscow, stashed away some money and food before spotting a vodka bottle. The male suspect consumed the booze, then passed out in the homeowners bed to later be awoken by law enforcement. The robber now faces legal charges that could result in a long prison sentence!In a similar story, a drunken Florida man broke into an apartment, rifled through some drawers and cabinets before falling asleep. The man later told police he was so intoxicated, he believed he was in his own home. In another recent headline, a Newstead, New York couple woke up to find a complete male stranger, asleep on their couch. When cops arrived, the drunken man told them he thought he was sleeping at his friend’s house. He was a little off in regards to directions, considering his friend lived in a town 20 miles away!