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Toothpaste from Seaweed Can Be More Effective - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.There are many different kinds of toothpaste to choose from, but scientists at Newcastle University have come up with a more effective kind of cleaning toothpaste that includes an enzyme found in seaweed. After experimenting with that enzyme to study its use for cleaning the hulls of boats, researchers stumbled upon the tooth decay fighting properties of the seaweed.A doctor from Newcastle University’s dental science school said: "Traditional toothpastes work by scrubbing off the plaque containing the bacteria - but that's not always effective - which is why people who religiously clean their teeth can still develop cavities. We found this enzyme can remove some of these undesirable bacteria from plaque."Further studies are necessary before they start making commercial products, but they hope that the discovery will lead to the enzyme being added to not only toothpaste, but also denture cleaner, and mouthwash. If they keep the taste of the seaweed, then the new toothpaste will join the ranks of other strange flavors like bacon and eggplant toothpaste.