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Maryland City to Use Anti-Graffiti Cameras - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.The impact of technology is pervasive - even when it comes to crime control. Hyattsville, Maryland is going to start using anti-graffiti cameras. According to the Police Department in an ABC 7 report, it's a sun-powered motion camera that is placed in areas where graffiti is expected. Not only would the $6,000 camera catch the trouble-maker red-handed, it will also have an audio feature. The Hyattsville police chief states, “A typical message would be 'Stop! What you're doing is illegal. We have captured your picture, and we will use this to prosecute you. Please leave the area immediately”. The city has already obtained a federal grant, which would allow for two of these cameras, however the Hyattsville City Council must approve the purchase first. Moving to another country, Russia has its own ideas for controlling crime. One in particular is the Shuttlecock Machine Gun, which would be used to control rowdy and violent riots. The new gun is housed in a truck, resembling a cannon that shoots the birdies weighing between 5 and 30 grams at a speed of around 60 units a minute.