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Drunk Man Takes A Nap on Airport Baggage Belt - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.The end results after a day of drinking vary for individuals, some commit funny acts, others get in some legal trouble and the rest can pass out almost anywhere.Well, one Norwegian tourist managed to do all three while in an intoxicated state.The 36-year-old unnamed man sauntered into an airport at Rome, holding his luggage and a can of beer. While waiting to check in for his flight, he saw the desk was unattended so he did what any tired, drunken man would have done: he climbed over the counter and curled up on the moving baggage belt to take a nap. It is speculated the he traveled a distance of 160 feet over the course of 15 minutes before officials noticed him through the X-ray monitors. He was resting peacefully in the fetal position, as airport police continuously tried to wake him up. Later, he was transported to a hospital as a precaution.Airports deal with intoxicated individuals on a regular basis. Earlier this year, a drunk man allegedly drove his Jeep onto Philadelphia International Airport’s restricted property, dangerously close to the runway.