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or - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!What's in store for God of War? Some heavy characterdevelopment, according to IGN.comAlthough screenwriters Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Meltonhave a background in horror films like Saw 4 and Piranha 3D, they're poised to bringthe action to the big screen, as they've been hired to rework the script forGod Of War.One of the biggest challenges of bringing God of War fromthe console to the big screen is differentiating this movie from similar epicfilms like 300, and Clash Of The Titans.But Dunstan and Melton are ready to rise to the occasion, saying that they planon focusing heavily on character development, similar to Christopher Nolan'sapproach to his Batman films.In God of War, Expect to see Kray-tos' back story laid outin the first act of the film, as the writers want the audience to "understandhim as a human and understand the journey that he's going to take," before he becomesthe Ghost of Sparta. We can also expectAres to be beefed up as a more "proactive villain."No word on who might be directing the film or when we canexpect God of War to hit the theaters, but we do hear the budget is about150-million dollars. Not too shabby. With this combo of action and plotline, Ican already smell a sequel...if the first film ever makes it to the big screen,as we all know, rewrites of scripts based on our favorite video games seem tobe the Hollywood trend du jour. I'm Erin Darling, stay tuned to Clevver Movies for all thelatest movie news!