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Happy New Year to everyone on Youtube!!January's Channel of the month goes toTJOmega (The Plastic Addict)You can find him at 2009 is now over and we're looking ahead to 2010! I figured instead of just making a Happy New Year video I'd do something a little different.So I've made a little New Year's project for all the Reviewers here on Youtube. What I'd like is for you guys to make a video where you review yourself. Talk about when you started here on Youtube, the backstory to your youtube name and what you review.The second part I'd like to see is for you guys to reflect on your year of reviewing and make a New Year's resolution about the things you'd like to improve on in your videos for 2010, do you have to speak up in your videos?, do you want to get a tripod so your camera doesn't move around when you shoot the footage?, would you like to put a backdrop in and shoot in front of it? what would you like to do differently for the videos you make in 2010?I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys say!