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Crocodile Gets Out During Flight - as part of the news series by GeoBeats.Do you ever wonder what sort of baggage is being carried on your flight? Who would have thought that a crocodile could pose a plane threat. Well one reptile, which was luckily not fully grown, was on a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Melbourne when it apparently managed to get out of a crate in mid-air. Baggage handlers reportedly noticed the crocodile, measuring slightly under 2 feet long, after the plane hand landed at its destination. The airline stated “The animal was quickly and safely secured when the aircraft arrived in Melbourne”. The company responsible for cargo handling, Australian Air Express has started an investigation into how the reptile managed to break free and if it had been loaded properly. In 2010, another report surfaced involving crocodiles and planes, but the outcome wasn’t nearly as good. The reptile had been concealed in a passenger’s bag. It escaped and caused panic on a flight in the Democratic Republic of Congo.The passengers rushed toward the cockpit causing the small plane to roll and crash as reported by the single human survivor. Unbelievably the crocodile also survived, but was later killed by a machete when discovered in the wreckage.