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Bird Poop and Its Many Uses - as part of the news and politics series by GeoBeats.Birds don’t urinate, so all of their waste is excreted in their droppings. People have found interesting and unusual uses for bird droppings, or guano, over the years. Traditional geisha’s of Japan used dried and powdered nightingale droppings to get stubborn stains out of their clothing and as an essential ingredient in facial cleansing masks for hundreds of years. Now posh salons in New York and Hawaii are copying that practice. And for 180 dollars, you can get a bird poop facial.Bird guano has also been used as a natural fertilizer for thousands of years. The nitrates in the guano are what international interests are looking for in an all natural fertilizer for their gardens or commercial farming enterprises. In 2008, prices on a ton of guano doubled from 250 dollars to 500 dollars when the guano is exported, so the bird poop export and import business can be quite lucrative. Certain conditions, like a dry climate make for a more nitrogen rich guano, which facilitates the guano industry in places like Peru, where rights to the local guano were fought over in the Chincha Islands War with Spain.