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Jordan and Israel mark 15 years of peace today, but ties between both countries are cooler than ever.Since the right-wing Israeli government of Binyamin Netanyahu took office in May, Jordan has been left further disappointed with its neighbour - saying they are the ones sacrificing more than they are getting from an agreement with Israel.It has been 15 years since Jordan became the only Arab nation, other than Egypt, to normalise ties with Israel.Pushed by the United States the two warring nations signed the historical Wadi Arabah Peace treaty (or the Camp David peace accord) on October 26, 1994.The treaty set a border between the two countries on the River Jordan that aimed to fully normalise diplomatic and security relations. In 1996, the US signed an additional trade treaty allowing Jordan to export products to the US duty free if they contained inputs from Israel.US aid to Jordan has grown more than 24 times since the signing of the treaty. But 15 years on, the Jordanian parliament is calling for the treaty to be annulled. Jordan's King says trade is almost non-existant and it is almost impossible for Jordanians to enter Israel.Al Jazeera's Nisreen el-Shamayleh reports from Amman.