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One week ago a mum and her 6 kittens was dumped at The Mayhew Animal Home in London. Today, the mother has had a teriible ruptured absess on her mammery glands and can no longer feed her litter of tiny babies.Staff will now be hand rearing these kitties round the clock as they need fed every 2 hours and monitored carefully. We have nightstaff at the Home so these kittens are able to receive 24 hour care. Here is a short video of one of the litter being fed by one of our cattery staff. It isn't just the feeding they need, as you can, see they also need help going for a 'little wee' afterwards as mum would naturally wash them to stimulate that, so staff wet a warm cotton wool pad to make sure they also toilet properly. Mum is now in recovery, but is a harsh reminder of the complications that arrive with pregnancy and litters and why people should vigillantly neuter all pets in their home.