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Q : Whenever I switch on the CD to go into meditation, it happens easily but without the CD, when I try to meditate, then so many thoughts start dancing in front of me. What should I do in this situation?Gurumaa Answer: Rajendra, I can understand that it is easier to meditate with the CD. When you sit without the CD, immediately there is a flood of thoughts and you are troubled by them. The truth is that you are not ready for meditation yet. I said this yesterday as well. With an impure mind and temperament, meditation is not possible. Meditation is only possible for a person whose mind is pure. What do I mean by purity? Purity means that you have to have a very-very firm resolution that it is only God whom you want - nothing more and nothing less. Purity means when you are sure that for you God and only God is the best and is worth obtaining and apart from this nothing else is important. Now, if someone says something good about you, you repeat those words in your mind. When someone says something bad to you that too becomes a loop and continues in your mind why did she say this to me, why did she say this to me are some of the examples in this context. Someone gives you respect, then the respect goes on in your mind. When someone insults you, the insult goes on in your mind. On top of that there are so many desires I should do this, I should buy this, I should meet him, I should go there, I should go for a holiday, and the list is endless.There is a good example about this. Lord Krishna in the Geeta speaks about a chariot having horses not only in the front, but at the back and on the sides and we are trying to whip the horses and make them run towards the direction they are facing. The horse facing right will go right; the one facing left will go left; the one facing south will go towards the South; the one facing north will go towards the North. The chariot is tethered to horses on all four sides and if all the horses start moving rapidly, then where wil...