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The transformation always happens in one single moment. For a transformation, you do not need many years. Those who think that after years of spiritual practice, there will be some change in them then they are absolutely wrong because it does not happen like that. The mind changes in a jiffy. Suppose you were seeing a dream and somebody woke you up. How much time did it take you to break from that dream - as soon as the eyes opened, the dream was over. The dream of this world which you are watching with eyes open is exactly similar and will also break in a moment. This world is not more than the nights dream. It is a lie, an illusion just the way the dream is. That is why I suggest that you meditate with the CD; listen to me again and again. Hearing something thousands of time may not have any use, but that one experience totally changes you.Though Punjabi has become an international language nowadays with Punjabi words being used in songs, people seem to understand it or like the rhythm or beat. They seem to enjoy it. I sing a song in Punjabi. Listen to it and I will tell you the meaning. I have changed. People meeting me and ask, what has happened to you? You have changed. Living with saints, I have forgotten the flock of crows. Listening to their words of truth, I have been transformed into a swan. The crow is a sign of materialism. The crow eats rubbish. He snatches and eats. He is greedy and aggressive. The swan is a symbol of a great soul. It is said that if a swan is offered milk and water, it will drink up the milk and the water will remain in the vessel. This is a myth. Before I came into satsang spiritual discourses, my intellect was like that of a crow. Greed, avarice, violence, anger, hate were my nature. Once I got caught in the colour of satsang, I became a swan. It does not happen literally, a crow remains a crow and a swan remains a swan. But it is a symbolism which has been used that earlier I was a crow but now I have become a swan...