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Choosing the Perfect Dress for Your Body - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Erica Lurie, designer at Garnish in Portland, Oregon. We are going to talk about choosing the perfect dress for your body type. Lot of times you would hear about different body types, classified as fruit. For example an apple or a pear. If you are pear shape, your bottom half is a little bit larger than your top half. And you may want to choose a dress that balances out the two, but yet also emphasizes your smaller waist. This dress here is called the Sophie, and that achieves that. It has the shoulders here that can help balance out wider hips. This dress here will be great for someone who has more what people call an apple body type. Whereas they are maybe a little bit straighter, or they are little bit thicker in their waist, and a little bit more proportional in the hips and shoulders. This dress the reason is is a great dress for an apple is that it gives you illusion of a nice waist but without really emphasizing it. And the long dress keeps the eye kind of moving up and down. Moving over here we have some examples for petite or plus sizes. This dress here we would recommend for someone who is petite. The print is nice and small. A large print will often overtake someone who is very petite. When you are petite you also don't want to buy pieces that are too big or they'll just kind of hang off you and look a little bit too baggy. So be sure to find something that really fits nicely and emphasizes perhaps a nice waist or just something that really looks nice and proportional on you. Over here we have an example of a dress that would be great for a plus size woman. If you are a plus size you may want something with a little bit more structure, and this dress here gives a nice shape to it with the structure that you would be looking for. Feel free also to not be afraid of a strapless dress, but if you want you could always have a strap added to it.