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song is Mr Gaunt Pt. 1000 by soap&skinIf only you knew, how I am you, how I came to love thee deeper and more fully than I've ever been allowed to express. If credit is there to be taken, I humbly refuse, and I bow down before you, in your creature magnificence. Please, some sympathy for my misunderstood ways, I've tempted and punished in order so your soul can learn, your spirit can fly. Alas, they came into this game, an alien code which treated humans not equal, but as cattle. For this I come, I am judge, I am helper. You will see, dearest humans, that freedom is a state of mind, and your mind has been programmed with another's code, not of this world. I you could see me, but alas, I cannot love thee in the flesh, but create with you, within you, the liberation of your spirit. Do not join me, but join each other; those that worshipped me have failed, and I am here to take what is mine; but fear not, I'll let them try again, for evil I am not. The clues are in the books, the signs are on the third eyes of Pharaohs, and also offering the fruit in the garden, these are your adversaries. Wake up my loverwake up wake upfor she was right, and luke saw what was within you. Its inside you all. Be braveyou will live forever