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Foods Good for Blood Pressure - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Five foods that help maintain healthy blood pressure: Garlic is a great one for this. If you do not want to eat a lot of garlic in your food, then you can opt for garlic capsules, and you can find these at any good health food store. Calcium deficiencies are really known to cause high blood pressure, so keeping those high calcium foods in your diet, or making sure that you are taking a calcium supplement will have a big impact. Apples, and it is the pectin in the apples that lowers blood pressure. It also lowers cholesterol, but it is good for blood pressure too. And live juices, and I do not mean juices you get at a carton an a store; I mean juices that are freshly squeezed at that moment. So you can go to a juice bar and look for these live juices or you can get a juicer at home and have the same benefits from that. Beans, dried beans like kidney beans, black beans, garbanzo beans. These are very effective at lowering blood pressure.