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Relationships: Keeping the Spark Alive In Busy Lives - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Traveling, which is happening so much now. People are traveling a lot more for work. Both women and men are traveling a lot more for work. So, there are these issues of transition. Which is most difficult for most people, because they do not realize that transition times bring up the most stress of almost any other kind of activity. The leaving each other and then coming back together again. I think it is really important for the person who is traveling to give themselves a time of integration, where they are not just jumping back into the relationship. So, when you come back home again, that you have a little bit of alone time, where you are just getting settled before you jump in to particularly any issues that have happened while you have been gone. It is really, really, important when you come back together again that you establish the primacy of your relationship before the business of your relationship. So, spend some time appreciating each other, touching each other, acknowledging each other, that has absolutely nothing to do with what has been going on at home, what has been going on at work, just what has been going on with the two of you. Particularly, appreciating, is a wonderful way to rekindle the connection. Saying something a quality about your partner. Something about what they have done that you really appreciate, something about their smell, or the way they have dressed, or the sound of their voice, that is unique to them that you really appreciate. That is a really quick jump-starter for getting re-connected again. And also remember, when you are apart from each other, there is wonderful technology now to support your being able to connect with each other. Using Skype, and there are all kinds of other video technologies, that you can connect with each other visually as well as just on the phone. Use those, so that you have regular times of t...