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Music & Film By Dean Omori SOUND OF THE EARTH SPINNINGIn conversation with a Swiss Astro particle physicist he said that in our galaxy alone there are approximately 200 million stars. The universe is, in his humble estimation a collection of several hundred billion galaxies both high and wide. The idea that we are alone is little more than the furthest reach of human arrogance.Do you hear itWe have evolved too fast; our purpose cannot keep up with our greed. Our devastation, our non-compliance to nature, our failure to be what we represent. We cannot find our own evolution; we are defined only by history. And we will be remembered in tears. Do you hear itWhen our children die in a war it’s a tragedy, when their children die in a war it’s a victory. Violence is a human characteristic. The pro-lifers are killing the abortionists.Tell me is the earth unpopular. Chinese whispers of love.At the end of another street the corporate supermarket puts out of business the local butcher, baker and greengrocer. Its inferior products are cheap and flown in from exploited under developed countries leaving behind a massive carbon footprint and an imbalance in the ecology of life. Its customers say it’s so convenient.There are too many people poor and in need. Can you hear itMankind’s greatest marketing achievement is convincing us that it’s all right, we’re in safe hands. That life will be sustained. We are the masters of our destiny. Money is our number one objective and the sole heir to our moment of dominance. Money succeeds us as the number one priority over life.In another corner of the world, lawyers sue governments on behalf of clients who have tripped over a tree root lifting the pavement. In response to the many lawsuits the local government has cut down all the trees on an leafy boulevard a meter above the ground. Lawyers. Do you hear itAs a race we are unable to accept change as a rational concept...