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Documents recently brought to light in the UK show Mi6 sought government approval to detain and question terror suspects in country's renowned for their poor human rights records. The decision was enforced by David Miliband who, at that time, served as the U.K.'s foreign secretary. It's a move critics have likened to sanctioning torture, something Milliband denies. Tim Cook-Hurle, who works for a charity group, Reprieve, which specializes in torture investigations, gave an interview on the subject to RT. The activist said that the case was still under investigation, but it is possible that the authorities and, in particular, David Miliband, failed to do all they could to prevent the secret services from applying torture techniques to those suspected of terrorism. Furthermore, Mr. Cook-Hurle added that even in case David Miliband is proven not guilty of sanctioning torture, then the process of decision making must be questioned as it is very likely that the reports about torture are true.