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The clip the-map from Strangers on a Train (1951) with Farley Granger, Farley Granger. Powered by: Anyclip. any moment from any film.We'd better be getting back.We've actually been alone for an hour. Seems almost indecent.You like?I like.I was beginning to feel like a goldfish.Guy!Excuse me.Will you stop pestering me?You're spoiling everything. You're making me come out into the open.I've tried calling you on the phone.Did you get my note?Why haven't you called me? My father is leaving for Florida next week.Listen, you... There's a detective outside. He'll see us together.Isn't that Anne Morton?Slight improvement over Miriam, huh, Guy?Stay away from me, I'm telling you.Who is it, Guy?I never saw him before. Just some tennis fan.Here's a special delivery. It's marked "personal. "- Thank you. - You getting any practice today?Yes, if I can get a court at the club.- Barbara, who are you waving at? - Mr. Hennessy.It's a shame Daddy won't let us have him in.- You met him yet, Louise? No.He's awfully cute.
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