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The FDA is reviewing an ingredient found in antibacterial soap.There are a lot of chemicals that have never been official approved by the FDA that still show up in household products. The safety of triclosan, the active ingredient used in 75 percent of antibacterial soap is finally being reviewed by the FDA. Triclosan has been found in mouthwash, toothpaste, toys, soap, clothes and other household products for over 40 years. But because of research into the risks of the chemical, the FDA is planning to complete its four decade long review of triclosan. Studies of triclosan’s effect on animals, shows that it might be the cause of hormone related problems, like early puberty or infertility. Back in 1972, Congress required the FDA to provide guidelines that dictate how much of any chemical is allowed to be in certain products. And in 1978, the FDA issued its initial guidelines which have seen several drafts since then, but have never been finalized. In 1997, the FDA approved the addition of triclosan in some toothpaste formulas after Colgate-Palmolive presented data showing it helped treat gingivitis.