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Tylenol clears up existential angst.Finding yourself troubled by the absurdity of your own existence? Step away from Nietzsche, take a Tylenol, and shake off those woes.You heard me – researchers have found a link between the over-the-counter pain reliever and freedom from existential crisis. Research author Daniel Randles says, “Regardless of the kind of pain, taking Tylenol seems to inhibit the brain signal that says something is wrong." He and his colleagues solicited 121 volunteers and exposed them to varied angst-inducing thoughts. The participants were split into groups and subjected to stimuli of varying intensity including writing exercises of their own deaths and physical pain, The Simpsons’ clips, and David Lynch short films. They were then asked to determine appropriate punishments for specific lawbreakers. Among those exposed to the most dread, the pain pill takers were more lenient than the placebo group. The results were interpreted using a hypothesis called the meaning maintenance model. It asserts that people need to find meaning and purpose in their actions and surroundings. When that isn’t possible, individuals will resort to the means necessary to stabilize the situation, typically by bolstering their own self-importance.